Monday, November 29, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 342: Shower & shelves

4,768 steps

We finished the mezzanine flooring in the morning. I did some caulking in various location in Le Catamaran. Then it was time to tackle the shower door, which should have been easy and ended up taking the whole day. It woudln't slide all the way into its aluminum wall bracket. We tried everything to get it to go in. Finally we just gave up and left it in where it was; ideally it should have gone in another centimeter or more. 

Also we had to cut a little channel in our ceiling because it was just a bit too low in one spot! 

Ivy and Inga were hoping that we'd start on the catamaran net today, but we'll probably but that off until tomorrow or later. Lots of other things to do. 


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