Thursday, October 25, 2007


I spent all last night puking and visiting the bathroom with a high fever and chills. And then a few minutes before he was supposed to leave for work this morning, Eric started throwing up. I had to convince him to stay home--he was going to teach anyway!--and he promptly went back to sleep until after noon. We've been spelling each other off watching Zari so the other one can sleep. I can barely move. Fun fun fun.

Zari is chipper as usual. She's been fairly content to let us lie comatose in the room and watch her play.

I took some (generic) Pepto-Bismol this morning after the fourth time throwing up. It was a childhood favorite because it always did one of two things:
  • tasted so gross that you threw up, and then you felt better
  • settled your stomach, and then you felt better
I never thought I would be nostalgic about Pepto-Bismol.


  1. Ew. So sorry! There's nothing more for than being sick and trying to occupy a mobile toddler...ugh. Hope you're better soon!

  2. Ohhh I hope you guys feel better soon!

  3. That is my living mothering nightmare. I have been through this only a couple of times, but it is scary, nasty, the stuff of nightmares, really. Get better soon!!!!!!!


  4. The only thing worse than stomach flu is trying to take care of kids with stomach flu at the same time! Cross your fingers that Zari doesn't get it, and feel better soon!

  5. :(
    yuck bug, be gone!!!

  6. Yuck, Pepto is horrid stuff. :(

    I hope you all feel much better soon...being sick is never any fun.

  7. Yuck. I hope you don't have to do this for very long. Urg.

  8. now try all that while being a military wife!

    thankfully my husband wasn't deployed, and i was able to call his chief for permission to send him home promptly. he found me lying nakey on the bathroom floor, waiting to throw up again. any time i don't feel well, i strip.

  9. Ha! That's the opposite of me: I bundle up because I get so cold and shivery.

  10. Hello,
    I am a visitor (found you on Mothering and sent you a PM). I love your blog!! I've only read a bit so I'll be slowly reading through it.

  11. I hope you feel better soon!! It's no fun being a sick mamma.

  12. Goodness me
    I only just feel I've got on top of our mess as well.
    All three of us were sick...I think I've had to wash every blanket and nappy we own at least three times.
    All I can say is thank goodness for my Ma and Pa they are true blessings.

    Great stuff look forward to reading


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