Monday, October 22, 2007

What women aren't told

I just came across this article about what women aren't being told about childbirth. It summarizes many of the main problems with our current maternity care system.

I met Dr. Eisenstein this spring while I was in Springfield lobbying for midwifery legislation to legalize CPMs. He came down from Chicago to testify in behalf of home birth and midwifery. On the train ride home, I and two other women were able to chat with him. He's a charming, delightful man.


  1. There's that number I was looking for! $33 That's a lot more than what I thought it would be. Methinks this will inspire a new post...

  2. Great find - thanks

  3. At least my money isn't going to that $33 billion!

  4. Great! article. Someone mentioned altnet to me before but I made sure to bookmark it this time .... rss feed style. I have a few people to send the article to. An "odent" in our own country. Huh!



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