Thursday, March 13, 2008

Childbirth in cinema

Several people expressed interest in the film clips I complied for my conference presentation about depictions of childbirth in cinema. Here is a list of the clips on the DVD that I put together:
1. She's Having a Baby: Time Bomb (Video Title, 0h 02m 40s)
2. 9 Months: Water Broke (Video Title, 0h 00m 45s)
3. The Island: In Labor (Video Title, 0h 00m 50s)
4. Look Who's Talking: In Labor (Video Title, 0h 00m 27s)
5. Home Fries: Helicopter Chase (Video Title, 0h 01m 23s)
6. Knocked Up: Where's my doctor? (Video Title, 0h 01m 03s)
7. She's Having a Baby: Car (Video Title, 0h 00m 49s)
8. Father of the Bride II: Car (Video Title, 0h 00m 39s)
9. Father of the Bride II: Breathe! (Video Title, 0h 00m 24s)
10. Look Who's Talking: Taxi Ride (Video Title, 0h 02m 02s)
11. 9 Months: Accident Victims (Video Title, 0h 02m 12s)
12. The Nativity Story: Baby is pressing (Video Title, 0h 01m 35s)
13. Knocked Up: Bathtub (Video Title, 0h 00m 43s)
14. Look Who's Talking: Check In (Video Title, 0h 00m 29s)
15. Father of the Bride II: Wheelchair (Video Title, 0h 00m 19s)
16. Father of the Bride II: Contraction (Video Title, 0h 00m 22s)
17. Father of the Bride II: Nina in bed (Video Title, 0h 00m 31s)
18. Home Fries: Gurney (Video Title, 0h 01m 03s)
19. 9 Months: Check In (Video Title, 0h 00m 35s)
20. Father of the Bride II: Dr. Eisenberg (Video Title, 0h 00m 26s)
21. Knocked Up: Rude Doctor (Video Title, 0h 00m 52s)
22. Father of the Bride II: Ice Chips (Video Title, 0h 00m 25s)
23. She's Having a Baby: Lamaze breathing (Video Title, 0h 02m 37s)
24. Waitress: Breathing (Video Title, 0h 00m 13s)
25. The Ex: No Epidural (Video Title, 0h 00m 30s)
26. Look Who's Talking: I quit Lamaze (Video Title, 0h 00m 25s)
27. Look Who's Talking: Give Me Drugs (Video Title, 0h 01m 51s)
28. Waitress: I Want Drugs (Video Title, 0h 00m 18s)
29. 9 Months: Epidural, Asshole! (Video Title, 0h 01m 16s)
30. 9 Months: Men can't handle the pain (Video Title, 0h 00m 34s)
31. Hulk (Video Title, 0h 00m 31s)
32. Father of the Bride II: Husband Arrives (Video Title, 0h 00m 44s)
33. She's Having a Baby: Klutz (Video Title, 0h 00m 15s)
34. She's Having a Baby: Gowned Up (Video Title, 0h 00m 33s)
35. Waitress: Video Camera (Video Title, 0h 00m 17s)
36. 9 Months: Video Camera (Video Title, 0h 00m 24s)
37. Knocked Up: Complication (Video Title, 0h 03m 00s)
38. Father of the Bride II: Nina's complicatoin (Video Title, 0h 00m 45s)
39. She's Having a Baby: Complication (Video Title, 0h 02m 26s)
40. Eastern Promises: Placental Abruption (Video Title, 0h 02m 01s)
41. My Family: Hemorrhage (Video Title, 0h 02m 35s)
42. Waitress: Pushing & Birth (Video Title, 0h 02m 01s)
43. 9 Months: Pushing & Birth (Video Title, 0h 01m 55s)
44. Big Fish: Slippery Baby (Video Title, 0h 00m 26s)
45. Look Who's Talking: Pushing & Birth (Video Title, 0h 01m 52s)
46. Knocked Up: Pushing & Birth (Video Title, 0h 02m 57s)
47. Waitress: Bonding (Video Title, 0h 01m 55s)
48. 9 Months: Nursery (Video Title, 0h 00m 39s)
49. Look Who's Talking: Nursery (Video Title, 0h 00m 44s)
50. Brothers Solomon (Video Title, 0h 02m 49s)
51. Big Momma's House (Video Title, 0h 04m 02s)
52. Meet the Fockers (Video Title, 0h 01m 18s)
53. Like Water For Chocolate (Video Title, 0h 01m 12s)
54. Dr T and the Women (Video Title, 0h 01m 54s)
55. Children of Men (Video Title, 0h 02m 47s)
56. The Island: Birth (Video Title, 0h 01m 30s)
57. The Island: Human C-Section (Video Title, 0h 01m 51s)
58. The Nativity Story: Elizabeth (Video Title, 0h 01m 15s)
59. The Nativity Story: Mary (Video Title, 0h 02m 22s)
60. Cleopatra (Video Title, 0h 01m 30s)
61. The Machine That Goes Ping! (Video Title, 0h 04m 29s)
There are 2 versions; both have all the same film clips, but the way I put the title menu together is different.
Version 1: Each clip has its own title, which you can select from the main menu, and the clips play continuously one after each other.
Version 2: Clips are arranged in thematic groups (for example, all clips of wild taxi rides are together in one title). After each group of clips is done playing, the DVD goes back to the title selection page.


  1. How in the world do you do all this academic work/birth-related stuff and still find time to take care of your family and cook and run and sew and be involved with your church, etc.?! You must have amazing organizational skills and stamina. I try to find it inspirational, but sometimes I just feel a little jealous and I can't help it!

  2. $5 to you and you make the DVD is that what I am understanding? if so I want one! Holy moly lady! how you get anything else done!! sheesh!

  3. Rixa - I would like to get a copy of your DVD for my ICAN chapter. Can you contact me at this email w/ you Paypal email address?

    Thanks - Lisa Houchins (icaniowa at yahoo dot com)

  4. Yes tasha, email me w/ the version you'd prefer & I'll send you one.

  5. Could I see this? If I can view it first, I believe it is just what I am looking for and would love a copy. (my profile has my email).

  6. In Apocolypto, a woman gives birth unassisted underwater. Granted, it wasn't by choice but it was still a pretty amazing scene :)

  7. Yes, I tried to capture the clip from Apocalypto but I wasn't able to do it with my software (using DVD Shrink). It had some really funky encoding. Another one I wasn't able to do was the opening scene from "Shoot 'Em Up."

  8. Nicole, I don't know how you'd be able to see it first unless you live nearby me...

  9. Rixa, what a neat presentation topic. I'd love to see the DVD, emailing you right now.
    There's a movie that comes to my mind, it's been ages since I saw it but it has an unplanned unassisted birth (to a teen mom) in it, the title is Just Another Girl on the IRT. Do you know it?

  10. Hi Rixa
    thank you so much for offering to share your work!

    i'd love a version of the first one. i'll send a SASE and $ in the mail.
    Erin in Ottawa

  11. Which email account can I send paypal to?

  12. You can send it to the email on this blog (stand dot deliver at gmail dot com).

  13. Rixa, I just sent you $10 for 2 of the DVD's! One for me and one for a CBE friend of mine (she had her first babe at home a year ago with a hugely hands off mw!)

  14. Don't forget Olivia Hussey as Mary, mother of Jesus in Zefirelli's Jesus of Nazareth.

  15. Hello! I would like a copy as well, could you please email me with your Paypal and any further instructions. Thank you! (joyfulone at rogers dot com)


  16. Rixa,
    This is so cool. I've seen most of these films and hated, hated, hated the birth scenes (esp. She's Having a Baby).

    I'm thinking about getting the DVD. I'll let you know.

    Actually, what I'd like to do is see your presentation -- will that be available online through trustbirth?

  17. Well, I spoke relatively little during this particular presentation. It was mostly the film clips with a little bit of narration here and there, and then some commentary at the end. The other presentations was me lecturing most of the time, but this one the attendees got a break from hearing me speak!

  18. I continue to be amazed by all you do! I would love a copy of both versions of the DVD. I'll paypal you.
    Thanks, Rixa!

  19. Note to everyone:

    I am out of DVDs, so if you want a copy you'll have to wait a bit. I ordered another spindle of blanks that should arrive at the end of the month.

  20. Will this presentation be available to download from the Trust Birth Conference website?

    This is one of the sessions that was top priority for me to see.

    Rixa, have you been able to compile any of the birth scenes from the seasons of ER? We've got seasons 1-6 on DVD, and it would be interesting to see them compiled with these other clips. I don't know if they are encoded however.

  21. Jenne,
    This won't be a download because it was almost all film clips with just some commentary from me in between. Perhaps I'll post a summary of my comments on the blog when I have time.

    I haven't ever even seen ER; we don't have TV at home so we can only watch movies. It would be fun to do, though. There's a whole entire set of birth scenes that I didn't get into (reality birth shows, TV shows such as ER, etc).

    The best program for doing things like this is DVD Shrink. It lets you copy the entire DVD if you want, but you can also use it for projects like mine where you want excerpts from movies and not the entire thing. It removes the encoding at the same time so you're able to read and then burn the files. I don't have a fancy movie-making program like Roxio Toast, I think it's called. I use one called Nero Showtime.

  22. Good to know, can I add my name to list to get a copy of the DVD when you have more?

    Also, are you interested in the ER clips? I can talk to my husband about splicing them out.

  23. The DVDs arrived. Let me know which version(s) you'd like. You can paypal me at the email address listed on the blog.

    Yes, please do send me the ER clips!

  24. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the clips. I just saw Children of Men and thought the birth scene was pretty great for Hollywood. Clive Owen was a pretty chill midwife. ;) It did really bug me that they never show her nurse the baby, though.

  25. Are these DVDs still available? I know it was years ago but as a beginning CBE it would be perfect! :) Please email


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