Thursday, March 27, 2008

My family

I rode up to Minnesota last weekend with Chou and her husband. They stayed at our place on the way home. She saw Zari's boots sitting next to Eric's and said it would make a great picture. Thanks for the idea!


  1. Rixa, I've been wondering, do you pronounce your daughter's name
    z-AIR-ee or z-ARE-ee or an entirely different way?

    Love it, by the way.

  2. Very sweet. :)

  3. The first syllable rhymes with car, the second syllable with tree. Emphasis on the first syllable.

  4. that's the way i was saying the second option. very nice.

    i always read people's blogs and then realize i'm likely saying their kids names wrong.

    as the future mother of a carys i guess i should get used to it.

    the boots are cute, by the way. :)


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