Thursday, May 01, 2008

18 months

Somewhere between yesterday and today Zari turned 18 months. I remember how old that seemed when she was a newborn. I remember thinking that she would be so different when she reached 18 months. But somehow the newborn Zari now seems different and strange, and this running, talking creature is the normal Zari that I am used to.

Here are some pictures from the past month:

Feeding the goats at the organic farm along our bike path. In the first picture she's saying "aa aa aa," trying to make a goat sound.
Eating and signing. Now, as soon as I get the camcorder out, she signs "bird" because we often watch videos on it of her playing with birds.
Going potty, eating breakfast, and watching "Signing Time"--our morning routine.
Sweeping up the breakfast she dumped all over the floor
This picture is a bit blurry, but it captures well what she looks like in my mind:


  1. She's such a beauty. I love the long hair!!! I'm also finally realizing that the 6 month age difference between our daughters will pale into insignificance by, like, this time next year. (You guys used to be soooo far ahead of us -- I was just a little bit pregnant when you already had given birth! LOL) Next time we meet IRL they'll make perfect playmates :)

  2. She really is beautiful. It is truly amazing how fast they grow up. I look at my kids, and sometimes am quite shocked that they are so big already. What did you do to teach her signs? I've never done that before, but I really should and I've heard such good things about it for years.

  3. She's wonderful! I was half expecting you to let her take the keyboard and write up a guest post! ;)

  4. Such a big girl! Getting more and more grown up looking each time you post a photo...

    soon enough you'll be relating the bittersweetness of her moving out of babyhood officially when she turns six and there is no more baby book to fill out....Grace turns six next wednesday...oh the joy and pain!

  5. Beautiful girl you have!

  6. She's a doll! I love that stage right around 14 months or so when they stop being a baby and start being a little person who can follow directions and tell you what they want.

    She reminds me of you in that last picture.

  7. Roan turns 18 months on the 10th.

    he doesn't have nearly as much hair as Zari, in fact still has quite the receding hairline look.

    they're so amazing at this age.
    starting to pretend and live in their own little worlds.

  8. I love that strawberry blonde hair! What a darling! :)

    -Jill (nsi)

  9. Ahhhh....isn't being a mom great? You get to love someone else so much more than yourself!

    I remember thinking when my first was a newborn that I didn't want her to grow up--she was so sweet. But I find I enjoy each new phase even more than the last.

  10. Wonderful blog! Wonder why I've never seen it before? I noticed someone came to my blog from yours and that's how I landed here. Not sure where the connection was made still. :-)

    Beautiful child! She is such a beautiful girl!

  11. Nevermind..I found it LOL! I'll backlink to you as well!


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