Monday, May 26, 2008

FFS Giveaways!

We received an offer on our house over the weekend--which means we have less than a week to pack and move. Oh the insanity...

I am clearing out stuff and have a few free-for-shipping giveaways:

Giveaway #1
For you scholars out there, I have amassed a massive amount of primary and secondary research about the Mormon handcart treks. The stack of photocopies is about 4" tall. This was for a paper I wrote as a graduate student about "Health and Illness on the Mormon Handcart Treks." I really don't want to recycle all of that hard work, but neither do I want to keep carting it around. So if anyone is a history buff, I'll send you my months of research! Shipping: $10 Priority Mail

Giveaway #2:
Standard Process women's fertility supplements. This includes:
  • 5 boxes (90 capsules each) For-Til B12 (#4435) plus one opened but unused box
  • 1 200 ml bottle Black Cohosh 1:2 (opened but unused)
  • 4 boxes (90 tablets each) Ovex (#6600) plus one opened but unused box
The "best used by" date was last July, but I imagine they're still okay to use. Shipping: $10 Priority Mail

If you'd like one of these, let me know in the comments section. I'll pick the lucky winners tomorrow night.


  1. Craziness to have to move that fast, good luck!

    I've contacted a friend who I think might be interested in the handcart documents, so put my name down as interested. I'll update you if he tells me he's interested.

  2. Gasp. Gulp. I can't believe you're moving so fast!! I take it you can get in to your new place? Wow...look forward to updates!

  3. Oh, good luck! I sincerely wish I was there to help you. Moving is crazy enough when you have time, but it sounds like you guys will be living in insanity for the next week. Good luck! I can't wait to hear how it all went, though I certainly won't be expecting anything this week. :)

  4. We closed on our new house 3 days ago and just got back from that yesterday. We're making fantastic progress with the packing. I'd say the bulk of the boxes are packed up. Now we have left: kitchen, basement/garage stuff, large mirrors & pictures, bedding & beds, and furniture.

    I am so sad that we're leaving this house. Our new one is nice but still cannot compare to this one. Plus we have been spoiled with the huge rooms and windows...I counted and there are over 100 windows in the house.

  5. Good luck with the move!

    I'd be interested in the supplements. I've also emailed you at your gmail account.

    Erin ( friend)

  6. Bye-bye, old house! Good luck with the move!!!

  7. Hi Rixa... I'm very, VERY interested in giveaway #1! I recently traveled to SLC and one of the things that fascinated me most of all was studying and reading up on pioneer and handcart companies. At the "This Is the Place" monument and village, I spent a good deal of time at the old Deseret Hospital... studying the things that were there, including reading up on case studies of patients there from the mid 1800's. It made me think a LOT about modern healthcare as compared to care back then and I've had a lot of interesting thoughts come my way.. some of which have confused me and I need to ponder more. I'd be super, super interested in this research you've done.

    As a side note... I also bought a book while I was there... it's called "I Walked To Zion" and it's filled with stories of pioneer and handcart journies, all written from the perspective of children. (They were often written as adults, but the authors were all children during the treks across the country). It is an amazing book.

    Thanks for your consideration and best wishes on the packing and moving!

  8. I would like in giveaway number 2!

  9. #1 goes to Team Harris
    #2 goes to Erin.
    Email me your mailing address, and paypal $ for shipping to stand.deliver @

  10. Congrats on the new home! ;) You picked my favorite. When do you move? Are you paying someone to help or doing it yourself?

  11. We're doing it ourselves (except for the grand piano of course). Packing the truck tomorrow (Saturday) and driving out Monday morning. You're welcome to come see us on Monday or Tuesday at our new place! We're driving back to our old town Tuesday afternoon, since Eric has to catch a flight to NYC the next morning.

  12. Thanks Rixa! I received the vitamins.


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