Monday, August 04, 2008

The Cowgoddess takes on BirthTrack

Oooh, I am so flattered that Hathor the Cow Goddess liked my post about the BirthTrack! She also made a comic about the contraption.

Other news: we're back from France and are busy unpacking and settling into our new house. Part of me likes unpacking--hey, it's Christmas all over again!--but part of me gets disgusted with how much stuff we have. Even the necessary stuff is still too much. When you live out of one suitcase for 7 weeks, it's a shock to come back to a house full of things. Every so often we go through our books and our clothes and pare away things we no longer use, but they keep multiplying. Especially the books. It's the curse of having two academics in one household. My recent purchases include Bearing Meaning: The Language of Birth, Birthing The Easy Way, If These Boobs Could Talk, and A Midwife's Story. And two fantastic Mexican cookbooks: Mexico One Plate At a Time and Mexican Everyday. Our little town has a large Mexican population, lots of Mexican restaurants, and a Mexican grocery only 3 blocks from our house! So I've decided to learn more about Mexican cooking. I went to a dinner party at Chou's place, and most of the food came from One Plate At a Time. It was amazing. (Chou, we will miss you! Best of luck with your PhD program in NYC!)

I have 3 months to finish my dissertation if I want to graduate in December. I've written all of the chapters and have done a second round of revisions on some of them. I hope I can do it this semester! I'm tired of paying over $800 per semester to register for a required zero-credit class.


  1. Here's hopin' you can finish the dissertation. I'd love to read it, now or when you're done.

    Hey, we just moved 5 months ago. I had thoroughly pared down for the move, but already I'm feeling the need to do a big purge. It is amazing how things multiply. It's like having inanimate rabbits.

  2. 3 months..thats approximately 12 weeks...154 days...lets say your thesis is 300 pages, thats 2 pages a'll race you there Rixa!

  3. Kel, put that way it doesn't sound quite as daunting! Now I am wondering how many pages it time I am procrastinating, I'll go do a word count!

  4. We're both getting close to graduating! Yay but at the same time, Yikes! I'm in freak out mode over here, if I want to graduate in Dec. I have to have the thesis written and submitted by Sept 15, that only a little more than a month away! I'm close but I'm still scared. Its serious focus time...its a good thing Peter has the next month off (even though he's supposed to be studying for his Qualifying Exams). Deep breath...

    I'm hoping for you and sending prayers your can do it! And you will do it.

  5. Hey Rixa, if you haven't heard, Dr Phil is going to do a show on birth. He's looking for someone to talk up home birth. I'm hoping we would be represented by someone well informed. (hint hint)


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