Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Belly shot: 32 weeks pregnant

32.4 weeks from LMP. Fundal height is 32.5 cms. I've gained another 2-3 lbs since last week, which is good. I've seen a jump in weight gain over the last 4-6 weeks, which I hope reflects an expanded blood volume in addition, of course, to a growing baby.

The last few belly pictures have been self-portraits with my camera's timer function. Eric is in Canada this week at a conference and was able to go skiing at Banff on Monday. Lucky him!

Zari helped pose when I was setting up the camera.

Snuggling with her snake and dragon


  1. Ill say it everyweek, cuz its true, you look SO CUTE!
    : )

    Zari is such a dolly. She reminds me of Greta with dragons and snake-y. Glad you are well, Rixa.

  2. Ok. This might be ridiculous, but when people say things like "32.4 weeks from LMP" is that .4 = 4 days? The math major in me is thinking, "Decimals are in base 10 and there are 7 days in a week! It doesn't work!"

    The pictures are very cute, though!

  3. Yes, when talking in pregnancy terms it's base 7, not base 10! LOL

  4. I wish I looked that good pregnant! You are beautiful and so is Zari.

  5. Very OT, but every time I read this in your sidebar, "I live with a toddler and a Canadian and am currently pregnant with my second." I want to ask, pregnant with your second Canadian or pregnant with your second toddler? lol!

  6. Ha! I admit that sentence is a bit awkward...and hmmmm, I am technically pregnant with a Canadian, or rather a baby that will be Canadian once it's born and officially so once I do some paperwork.

  7. You look wonderful, Rixa, as you do every week. I wish I was that cute and tiny when I'm pregnant.

    By the way, does this mean that your kids have dual citizenship?

  8. They will have dual citizenship as soon as I get the paperwork filed (similar to passport applications).


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