Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Belly shot: 34 weeks pregnant

34.4 weeks from LMP. I changed shirts in part because I wanted to compare this with pictures from my last pregnancy.
For kicks, here's a picture of me at 35 weeks from LMP with Zari (33 weeks gestation):
Yeah, quite the difference--and I still weigh less this time around! Blame it on my (lack of) transverse abdominals, eh?

I started cleaning out our upstairs room, where I plan on having the baby. It's a large bedroom with a small full bath attached. It's really quiet up there and feels totally separate from the rest of the house, almost like I'm up in a nest or a treehouse, so I think it will be perfect for getting away from everyone & everything else during labor. I blew up my La Bassine birth pool and cleaned it out. I'm going to give it a trial run soon. My pond/fountain pump just arrived, which will make emptying the pool a breeze. Pictures coming soon once the room is organized.

We did a fun project yesterday: making a sandbox. I scavenged the 4x4s from a nearby abandoned lot where a house had been torn down a few months ago. The play sand (250 lbs) and screws cost $18 total. I still need to make a cover to keep the neighborhood cats out. Zari was thrilled.


  1. I gained 24 lbs with baby #1, 16 pounds with baby #2, and so far 4 pounds with baby #3 (21 weeks). I lose my baby weight after each baby. #2 was bigger than #1. And I was WAY bigger. With #3, I am even bigger, already in third trimester clothes from #2. Will anything fit me at the end of my preganancy I'm wondering?

  2. You were so small the first time around! Not me... with all 7 pregnancies I looked like that (35 week pic) when I was around 3-4 months! LOL

    Love the belly pics :-)

  3. I wish I had a house. I'd love to do so many outdoor projects, like a sandbox, but I can't since we live in apartments. You look great, too!

  4. I know this is a rather old post, but may I ask how you used the pump? I have been looking for a pump for my upcoming birth and the price looks perfect on that one. How did you use it? Did you need a seperate hose? Thanks!

  5. I bought 10' of the right size tubing at a home improvement store. You'll want to buy a long enough piece that it reaches from your birth pool to either an outside window or a toilet.


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