Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hathor's new baby!

Okay, so now she draws comics at Mama-Is, not Hathor the Cow Goddess anymore. But I still think of her as Hathor....Anyway, she just drew up the birth story of her fourth baby. It's way more fun to have a comic-strip birth story than just written words. Congrats Heather and enjoy your new little one!


  1. Ach, I can't believe you beat me to it, I've been watching her site like a hawk waiting for the brith story! :P I wish I could leave her a comment, that was so cool!

  2. Not sure if she knew this would be the case, but that comic was highly educational for my two year old. He was telling me the story by looking at the pictures and then let me fill in more information. Maybe she should write a children's book!


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