Friday, January 08, 2010

The Borning Bed

I came across this lovely ad from a 1983 issue of the Journal of Nurse-Midwifery. Doesn't it make you just want to go an experience physiologic childbirth, the Borning way?

Text from the ad reads: 


When we introduced the first contemporary birth chair/childbearing bed, obstetric care was revolutionized.

Borning beds replace separate labor beds, transfer stretchers, birth chairs, delivery tables and recovery beds. Hospitals can now provide safe, comfortable and physiologic childbirth for all families - and at substantially less cost than with the standard OB system.

Borning’s comprehensive care system is labor- and cost-effective. It’s safe and practical. And it’s what modern families want.

Borning makes it all possible with a complete product line for both high- and normal-risk obstetrics and a host of safety and convenience features you won’t find anywhere else.

As you plan to equip your hospital for today’s and tomorrow’s OB care, speak to Borning first. Our experience with over 1,000 hospitals is yours for the asking.

Almost as good as this new birthing-pod from Ave. I can almost see the bullets babies shooting out rapid-fire. Nurse: "Ready, aim, push!"
Doctor: "I hope she doesn't have triplets."

Photo courtesy of Jill at The Unnecesarean.


  1. That bed's as old as I am! And thanks for the linkage. ;)

  2. Those pictures are horrific! Can you imagine being comfortable in that blue futuristic thing? *eye roll*

  3. After posting that, I was given a bunch of info on the Trendelenburg position.

    I love that Ave bed so much. It looks like something at Dave & Busters.

  4. I know the picture is for Trendelenburg, but it's just too good to pass up on--as you obviously noticed! Love your little cartoon.

    Care to do a photoshopped image of the Ave with naked babies shooting out of the woman in quick succession? I've been wanting to do this for a while but haven't had the time...

  5. Nice blog! There are very few blogs like you, which are so useful and very informative. I like your text. I have a blog on my medical supplies business and came across your blog while researching over Internet.

  6. I really like the blue unitard! Now, if the Ave bed-thingy had laser guns in the stirrups and joy-stick capabilities in those handlebars (for intruders of all sorts). Hmm, plus speed and controls for the steering system--oh, and a cup holder, and a little spot for a snack--then this really might be part of the new birth revolution!

  7. That Ave bed? All I can think of is broken tailbones....ugh. And where would a squat bar go?

  8. We actually have some of those Affinity beds in L&D. The mattress is so thin, it's ridiculous!

  9. In a moment of reframing, it occurred to me that an uncomfortable bed might lead to more women remaining upright during labor... A good thing, yes? (-:

  10. Think of all the birthing tubs you could buy for the cost of one of those space-beds! I bet it's ridiculously expensive. You could throw in a fulltime doula, masseuse and lactation assistant and probably still come out ahead.

  11. I would like to see a bed that could support a woman with an epidural on her knees and with her forearms over the back of the bed. I find most women like that position and push really well in it. However, the labor nurse and the family need to watch her knee position so that she will not slip. If the bed was made to assist this, that would help out.

  12. @Veronica and Pinky, the Ave bed comew with a built in squat bar and can support a hands and knees position. As weird as it looks, it seems pretty good as far as hospitabl beds go.

    I was put into the Trendelenburg position during my labor, or something similar anyway. It was supremely strange to be FLAT on my back, with hips above my head and trying to push. It did get my baby to swith positions, though.

  13. Good grief, I need to proof read!

  14. Did you see the postapocalyptic Photoshopping of the AVE bed that VBAC Lady did for me? I think we need to make a video game of it.

    @pinky - do you want something that locks her knees into position?

  15. Pinky--

    Here are 2 ideas:

    1) put a seat belt onto the bed, and once she's in a kneeling position, buckle the back of her knees in place

    or, if that's not exactly the right kind of support you'd need for a woman with an epidural, how about

    2) a bed that has some kind of foot brace, so that when you're kneeling backwards on the bed, your feet touch it, so you can't slide down. I wonder if you could rig something like that up on a standard L&D bed...

  16. Usually what I do is put my hip right next to her knee so her knee won't fall off the bed. Which would be really bad. I ask the spouse to do the same but sometimes they get caught up and walk away.

    I think if we had some sides with cushions that could come up next to the bed like bumpers on a crib but study, then she would not be in jeopardy of sliding off the bed. Also if the bed was made that way I would get less flack from Docs and Midwifes about the epiduralized woman up on her knees.

    Many women with epidurals need to be able to feel a fair amount during the second stage in order to push effectively.

    Maybe I should go into the medical bed making business?

  17. Gotcha--so it's more that her knees tend to slip outward, off to the side, when she can't feel her legs.

    I think you've found a new career!

    I think the seatbelt idea would work, though, because it could keep her knees held in place, so they couldn't slip outward too far. It wouldn't have to be crazy tight or anything--just enough to keep her knees from slipping off the side of the bed. I wish I had access to a delivery bed, because I am sure I could come up with something for you. I'd just need to see how to fit it into/around the bed. I am pretty handy that way.

  18. Ironically, a little over 3 years ago when I was pregnant in Germany, the doctor's office had a similar chair (birthing pod from Ave) for exams and such. I thought it was much more comfortable than the old lay down and spread 'em beds. I, however, did not give birth on it, so I have no comment there.


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