Sunday, October 31, 2010

Caterpillar cake

This summer, we found a big, fat caterpillar in our garden that looked like this.
Zari still talks about it. When I asked her what kind of cake she'd like, she first said "a soccer ball cake!" That was the cake of chioce for her second and third birthdays. But then she decided that she'd really like a caterpillar cake. I can do caterpillars.

We baked the cake and cupcakes on Friday and put them in the freezer; there are fewer crumbs when you apply frosting to a frozen cake. I did the initial frosting on Saturday night and the final decorations this afternoon before her birthday party. Here's the caterpillar cake:
The cake is a dense dark chocolate wedding cake with a raspberry filling (raspberries, cornstarch, & a small amount of sugar), baked in a Bundt pan. I cut the cake into two pieces and arranged them in an S-shape. The caterpillar is decorated with green cream cheese frosting and red raspberry filling. The "dirt" is cake crumbs and crushed graham crackers, held in place by a thin chocolate icing. I had lots of raspberry filling left over, so it went on the cupcakes.
It was a lovely crisp fall day, so we stayed outside the whole afternoon.
 Dio enjoyed the cupcakes.
Happy 4th birthday Zari!


  1. Wow - four years already? Happy birthing day to mama and happy four years to Ms. Zari. Cool cake, too :)

  2. LOVE the cake! Happy birthday!

  3. LOVE the cake, Happy Birthday sweet little Zari and Mama! Four is such a big age...


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