Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Little Pim language DVD giveaway!

My husband and I both speak French and hope to pass that skill onto our children. We began speaking French at mealtimes last year. In addition, Eric has started speaking to Zari only in French. She's made incredible progress just in the past month or two. When I am alone with the kids, I speak mostly in English, with some French at lunch time. I've found that it's too exhausting to do everything in French all day--and take care of two little kids!

When Dio naps, I let Zari watch French movies or language DVDs. I've tried several different language DVDs and my favorite by far is the Little Pim series. We've had discs 1-3 for about a year and recently received disc 5, "Happy, Sad, and Silly," courtesy of Little Pim! Zari loves the new Little Pim DVD and asks to watch it all the time. The other day, she was tickling Dio and saying "chatouille, chatouille!" (tickle) in between giggles. It's amazing to see how quickly young children pick up new words.

So I'm thrilled to offer a giveaway of a Little Pim language learning DVD! The winner will receive a Little Pim DVD of their choice. In addition, if the winner is a Little Pim Facebook fan, they will also receive a Little Pim plush panda.

Little Pim offers language immersion DVDs in Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Hebrew, English (ESL), German, Arabic, and Russian, with additional languages coming soon.

How to enter:
1. Leave a comment mentioning your favorite Little Pim DVD (language and disc number). Please note if you are a Little Pim Facebook fan. Also, if you grew up in or are raising a bilingual family, please share your advice or suggestions! Be sure to leave an email address or other way to contact you (blog, website, etc).
2. For an additional chance to win, link to this giveaway on your blog, website, Facebook, etc. Then post your link as an additional comment, please.
3. Giveaway ends Wednesday, October 20. The winner has 48 hours to respond.


  1. Rixa, you should give me the Russian set for when I have kids.

    I guess if my mail-order bride goes through this summer, I won't be needing the dvds.

  2. What a nifty product! I'm trying to teach our kids French but I'm so rusty. These would be a great help, especially since Mom is sometimes. I think French 4 would be most helpful.

    I am a fan on FB.

  3. I like Little Pim Spanish. I am a facebook fan. or

  4. I'm sharing this on my facebook page. Thanks, Rixa. Great idea for a giveaway.

  5. Since my kids are now Italian citizens, and because it's Italian Heritage Month, hey, we could *really* use the Italian disc, especially DVD2. =) Course, we're about to go live in Mexico for a few years, so Spanish would also be good. Bring on the languages! =)

  6. Spanish works for us (any disc). And I linked to this on my blog. We should be actively teaching our kids Spanish since we both speak it. Thanks for the reminder and a good product to help us along!

  7. I'd like the Chinese 1 DVD. I'm also a Facebook fan. Xie xie ni! :)

  8. I'm thinking about getting the German gift set for my children for Christmas. But I'll enter in this giveaway anyway! I liked Little Pim on Facebook as well.

    We are attempting to introduce another language to our children. My husband is a fluent German speaker but has struggled with introducing the language on his own to our children. He is concerned that his verbal abilities are not native enough to effectively teach them. He really prefers that they are taught or at least learn the language initially from native speakers.

    I've seen families expose their children to native speakers in a couple of ways if one of the parents themselves are not native. A family I know hires a native Spanish nanny just for playtimes a couple of times a week. We found a German immersion preschool that we are sending our oldest child to for three morning a week.

    We are lucky to live in a community with an immersion school is a lesser known language like German.

    The preschool teacher in me also knows the usefulness and effectiveness of integrating print materials and media in the home. Just like with learning a first language, books and music are vital in teaching a language. The same goes for a second language. The Little Pim videos seem like a good resource for parents trying to encourage a bilingual home.

    I've also seen families where both the parents are non-native speakers but fluent and they do the best they can with the language they know. My neighbors have raised their two children with Spanish as their first language and they encouraged it by only speaking Spanish at home to their children. They reinforced it by attending a Spanish church community for the first 2 years of their son's life.

    Its a fun adventure to make the attempt and I hope, soon, my son starts becoming more enthusiastic about learning a new language. He's already starting to speak it from his teacher's reports and I can tell he understands much of what is being said to him.

  9. I'd love to have any of the french videos for my little one. We have french books and toys but need to speak french more often.

  10. Both me and my husband come from Slovakia. We've been living in US for over 4 years now and will be moving back to Europe (even though probably not back to Slovakia) next summer.

    We have a 17 month old girl born here (and a second baby due in spring, who will thus also be an American) and we really want them speak English well even after we move.

    Funny thing is how she's starting to pick up words - both in Slovak (which we speak at home) and English (which we speak outside and that she hears in her 3-days-a-week-daycare) - she now has about 30 words total and only one (so far, at least that we know of) is "duplicate" (bye-bye = pa-pa).

    In any case, we've already been discussing how are we going to keep the English once we move (especially if it's a German speaking destination, which seems likely and since we also - obviously -want them to speak Slovak, too), so any of the English discs would be appreciated here.

    Great giveaway!

  11. French disk 4 or Japanese disc 1... I'm undecided, lol, because my aunt is Japanese & my uncle & their children are fully bilingual so Japanese would be useful & my kids would have someone to practice with but on the other hand I really want them to learn french.

    I'm a fan of Little Pim on facebook.

  12. Shared the giveaway on facebook & tagged your blog too :)

  13. I'm a huge fan of Little Pim!! Their DVDs are fantastic as I believe and have found true especially when teaching young children, that immersion and true to life senarios are the best ways to learn a new language.

    Of course I am a fan on Facebook and would love to win the French DVD (any disk).

    I have sent you my contact info by email and am crossing my fingers that I hear from you as I am one those people that really never wins giveaways :( :)

  14. I'd like any Spanish DVD. My husband went to Argentina on his mission & I took 2 years in HS & 2 semesters in college. So we know some but neither of us is too fluent right now. It'd be fun to learn along too.


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