Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blog redesign

I recently revamped this blog's look. Nothing drastic, just subtle changes to make it more streamlined. Some of the improvements:
  • I added another sidebar on the left side. 
  • I now have sponsors, so be sure to check them out!
  • Information about advertising and product/DVD reviews.
  • Horizontal tabs underneath the header: about me, publications, conferences, advertising & product reviews, book reviews, blogroll, resources, and more
  • Popular posts: did you know that the all-time most popular post was the pregnant pumpkin carving?
  • Topics of interest (left sidebar, underneath the sponsors): If you click on the buttons, they will open another tab with a fairly comprehensive list of all posts on that topic, arranged by category. So far I've done the Birth Around the World series, breastfeeding, unassisted birth, and induction. You can also use the search box or labels functions, but these buttons are more comprehensive and faster to navigate.
Any other changes you'd suggest?


  1. I put the pumpkin carving on my FB and because they saw it two of my friend carved it.

  2. The changes you made really streamline your site!

  3. I love the update! I love the links right there at fingertips.
    I do notice one thing you might want to know about: the background layer (the quote on your left and photo of statue on the right) are cropped by half or more for me. I am not using a wide screen monitor, so maybe that's why... I prefer it cropped to a scroll bar is the truth, but it is impossible for a first timer to read the quote.

  4. I noticed all your changes immediately.

    I don't know if it's because I have Firefox, but now your pic and quote, which both used to be fully visible, are half cut-off.

    I do understand your desire for sponsors, et al, and it appears that each of them are ones that you've reviewed positively in the past (plus your own business!), but I'm always a tad bummed when a fave blog of mine goes commercial. I can't help but be concerned that the commercial interests might taint your objectivity, just a tad. One of the things I have so appreciated about your voice, Rixa, is that you seem to be on no one's "side" except the evidence. Maybe I'm just a hold-out GenX'er, but the minor conflict of interest (trying to attract sponsorship) troubles me.

  5. yes, I have to agree with Karen, there's so much selling out there which is why i like blogs- info without promo. Bit sad about it too. :-)

  6. @Karen - maybe it's a different type of screen or something, because I have Firefox and can see the quote & pic just fine, unless the browser window is small. I have a wide-screen monitor, so have to make the browser window about half the size of the max, in order to not see the quote. And then I can zoom out and still see it.


  7. I love the updates and was inspired by you to add the popular posts widget to my own blog, thanks!

    re: sponsors, i say more power to you. the work you do to make this blog the enormous resource it is to so many people deserves support, and if financial support from a select group of advertisers makes that more possible or even just more worthwhile for you then good for you. the majority of your readers trust you and know that your integrity isn't compromised by having sponsors (and of course you have chosen companies that jibe with your mission and viewpoints -- i'll worry about you when i see your getting sponsored by gerber or huggies or enfamil, lol).

  8. The overall blog size hasn't changed (1280 pixels wide), but I did push the images more to the edges. So some of you might be on browsers or computers that have a lower screen resolution and didn't notice with the old design that it was cropped. I stuck with 1280 because it's the most common screen resolution.

    I did think a lot about whether or not to let selected companies advertise--and believe me, you won't be seeing Pampers or Enfamil on this site! I've turned down advertising, reviews & giveaway offers, too, because they didn't fit with what I believe in.

  9. I don't mind the ads, I love to know about products that would be helpful to me. As long as the ads are relevant and don't contradict what you stand for, I say bring em on!

  10. I feel sad about the ads--your blog looked so restful & beautiful before and now I can't stand the visual busyness... :(

    Haven't checked in in over a week and I used to peek in every day.


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