Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday sling orders

I have a big exciting project starting in mid-December (more about this soon!). I will be taking some time off from making slings during the Christmas season. If you would like a Second Womb sling in time for the holidays, please place your order by December 10th.

I offer ring slings, children's play slings, infant scale slings, custom slings with your fabric, and DIY sling kits. You can also order gift certificates.
From now until December 10th, shipping is free on all US & Canadian orders. International shipping is also discounted!

Perhaps you'd like to buy an infant scale sling to weigh your baby. It's also the perfect gift for a midwife.

Or how about this vintage linen mother-child sling set?


  1. Rixa, I have 3 of your slings and I LOVE every one! they are so beautiful People stop me and ask me all the time where I got it because they don't sell them in stores. The pleats in the lavender sling you just sent me are gorgeous! My 5 week old Elizabeth loves to be in it. I call it the "Coma Carrier" because every time I put her in it, fussy or not, she going into a deep sleep in less than 5 mins, hence the coma. I would recommend your slings to everyone for the beautiful stitching and quality, as well as the comfort my baby receives. I feel like I am truly nurturing my baby every time I wear her! Thank you so much! Keep up the good work! LisaJ

  2. Rixa,

    You look so beautiful in the photos that it took my breath away. The sling just accents you and your gorgeous children.


  3. Those are so cute!

    I just found your blog. I always love reading birth stories, especially natural birth (my 3rd was a homebirth, with a birthing tub for relief).

    But, we also met at BYU. I was a roommate of Jodie's. So it's extra fun to discover your great blog.


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