Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guess who is 2?

Dio! His birthday was two days ago. I can't believe it's already been two years since he was born. Read his birth story here.
Dio's serious look
He got a toy airplane from my mom and has been carrying it around night and day. That, and a book about airplanes, was his only birthday present. We're pretty low-key with gifts at our house.
playing in the sump pump water...a favorite pastime this rainy spring
We made a vegan chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and decorated it with blueberries to look like a ladybug. Kind of. The kids didn't care about aesthetics.
those are smiles, really
wearing swimming goggles after we ate birthday cake
Inga got her passport pictures
I finally painted our kitchen!


  1. Love your kitchen color. Looks fabulous! Quick question, how is it possible to have a vegan cake with cream cheese?

  2. That passport photo cracks me up!

  3. The cake was vegan, the icing was not! Is that my kitchen color?! Looks great! Happy Birthday Dio! Inga is too cute! Love the chub!

  4. Yes, it's your kitchen color Lisa! I love it.

    The cake was vegan, but icing was not. I just happen to have a vegan chocolate cake recipe that I like :)

  5. Happy birthday Dio!

    I love the kitchen color, too.

  6. Happy birthday Dio!
    I love your kitchen!!! The color, the style, what year is your house? it is awesome!!!!!

  7. The house was built in 1883. I'd guess the kitchen (an addition) was done in the early 1900s, based on the style of woodwork. Maybe between 1900-1930?

    The color is one my friend had matched from an antique china plate that belonged to her grandma. Here's the formula for 1 gallon of Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint in satin (available at Home Depot):

    Base: 7754 (medium base)
    Colorant B: 1 oz & 128/384th oz
    Colorant C: o oz & 272/384th oz
    Colorant D: 1 oz & 28/384th oz

    The formula will be different if you choose a different sheen, such as flat or gloss.

  8. Happy Birthday Dio!

    Just wanted to let you know that my book, Inspired Birth: A Fresh Perspective on Childbirth for Christian Maternity Careproviders has recently been published, and you can now enter your name in a drawing for a free copy of Inspired Birth. To see the details, read this post: Thank you!

  9. Happy Birth Day! I love the kitchen color too!! Just saw this on the web.... I don't watch the show, so I don't know the back story, but I found it amusing that they depicted a woman "calmly" giving birth in the back of her car. with assistance of course, but still.... thoughts?
    the link:

  10. I'm loving that beautiful bouquet of lilacs on your island! One of my favorite flowers! Your kitchen is gorgeous and your children are just too cute! Happy birthday to Dio.

  11. Zari loves picking flowers, so she's the one to thank for the lilacs.


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