Friday, April 01, 2011

How not to increase your blog traffic

Send me this generic email. Forget to include your own website. Throw in a few misspelled words and grammatical errors for extra flavor.

I really like your blog "rixarixa" would you be willing to exchange blogroll links with me? I submit useful articles that are all hand written, and google has given me a really good page rank. Let me know if your interested by emailing me back. I will send the link to my site if you are interested. Thanks in advance.


  1. I smell a troll!

    I have turned down strange requests and advertising pitches just because I am that paranoid about stuff - and it always sounds fishy to me, so I'd rather not. Interesting!

  2. Well played, random person. I too am particularly proud of the fact that everything I write is "hand written" and that I am not a machine: human hand power ahoy!

  3. Wow, that is funny....not really.


  4. I linked to your blog on my real blog today. Your reading list prompted a book that played a part in the April Fools joke my boys played on me.

    Happy April!

  5. This is clearly a computer-generated spam email. Clearly!

  6. The only way I would overlook those errors would be if they closed with "NAK." Then I know they'll overlook my NAK-error-filled reply ;)


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