Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Are You Mom Enough?" Magazine Makeovers

The original Time "Are You Mom Enough?" cover:

Here's one that I created:

From my wonderful readers:
by Liz

by Christine
by Amber

From other websites:
From Corissa's FB wall photos
From nickmom
From Despair, Inc.
from Oly Pittman's FB page

These Maria Lactans are begging for Photoshop makeovers (thanks to The Feminist Breeder for the first picture!)

Please send me yours and I'll post them here! Photoshop template here.


  1. Your readers are awesome! (and so are you, of course!)

  2. man, they are all so perky in the paintings and sculptures!!

    1. Amazing gravity-defying (and anatomically impossible) breasts!

  3. These are awesome, but the Are you Dad Enough was my favorite, as being the perfect counterpoint to that horrifying Time cover, imo.

  4. Yes, these are clever and cute, but they only preach to the choir. Breastfeeding should be a non-issue. This type of entertainment only reinforces the notion that breast feeding is still a risque, taboo activity for today's mothers in public. The ONLY way to eliminate this cultural aberration, is for women to get out there and breast feed in public. There is nothing men can or will do to make this "easy". Find a breast feeding partner , for support, then go into the most public place you can find, toss those funky modesty covers and let it all hang out. With enough pioneers, strangers will eventually walk by a nursing woman and yawn with indifference. Let's look forward instead of looking back! Grampa Brion

  5. I'm with Grampa Brion. Great comment!

  6. Here's mine, Rixa: http://www.amber-hinds.com/2012/05/an-even-better-time-cover/

    Thanks for a fun activity! :-)

    1. Love it Amber! I've been known to do the same thing.

  7. I love "Are You Dad Enough?"!

  8. http://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/536137_10150947214074328_551394327_11832068_1304746009_n.jpg

    Photos of the Time cover with some of the sweeter images from the session.

  9. nickmom rocks.


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