Thursday, May 10, 2012

Leaving town

I leave for France in about 12 hours. Eric is already over there with one of his university classes, so lucky me gets to bring all three kids over by myself.

I've prepared myself well this year. After Zari and Dio picked out backpacks at a thrift store, I loaded them full of snacks, toys, activities, and an extra change of clothes. I'll be carrying a small backpack, an umbrella stroller, and an Ergo. And Inga too!

This past week of solo parenting has been really hard on me. I put in a huge garden, probably 700 square feet. On top of packing and getting the house ready to leave for a month, I had final research papers to grade (I still haven't finished--guess what I'll be doing on the plane?). I haven't been sleeping well, either.

Last time I brought kids over to France on my own, Dio was 12 months and Zari was 3 1/2. I couldn't go anywhere without both of them coming along. Not even to the bathroom during the flight! Try bringing a baby and a toddler into an airplane bathroom and doing your business while trying to keep them from, say, touching the floor and then licking their fingers. This time, I am going to use the airplane bathrooms all by myself. Zari will be in charge of the other two.

I have to bring the kids home by myself, too. Eric couldn't get on the same flight. I am going to pretend that the next 36 hours aren't really happening. Maybe I could use some birth hypnosis techniques...Actually I don't mind flying that much. It's our road trip to southern Alberta this summer that I truly dread. Three 12-hour days in the car both ways. Kill me now.

We'll be in Nice the whole time, except for my brief trip to the Netherlands at the end of May. If you live in the Alpes-Maritimes, get in touch! Are there any parenting/breastfeeding groups in the area? Interesting town festivals?


  1. Hello Rixa,
    good luck with your travel plans. I wish you an easy journey without any delays or other troubles and have a great stay in France (and The Netherlands).
    I had to smile when I read your lines describing the situation of using an airplane bathroom with two little ones. Especially the part with touching an icky floor and maybe licking their fingers. My son would never show such behavior, he is one and he knows better. He wouldn´t take any detours and lick the floor directly to get an even better taste ;-)
    Any suggestions how to wean him of that bad habit?

  2. Three kids on a ten-hour flight?! May the force be with you my dear!

    But it'll all be worth it once you land in France! I'm so happy for you and just the teensiest bit jealous. :-)

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  4. Hey, i grew up in southern alberta! Hope all your trips go well! That kind of flight would scare me too...

  5. Have a safe trip and good weather! It might be a good investment tobuy some used Nintendo DS from a game store for the car trip! We have two and rarely get them out but the kids LOVE them! Even Liz, at 19mos,loves them! We got one for $25 at a garage sale with 3 games! Worth every penny in quiet time!!!! You can borrow my two for the trip!
    Take care!

  6. I assume you survived given the baguette eating? :) Have fun!


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