Wednesday, January 02, 2013

28 weeks pregnant

Isn't this a fun silhouette? I love how a toddler pot belly + outie belly button looks so much like a pregnant belly. After Inga climbed up on a stool next to me, all the kids wanted to get their belly profiles taken. Soon we had three naked kids running around in our bedroom posing in front of the camera!

My crazy growth spurt has slowed down...I'm measuring about the same fundal height as 3 weeks ago (around 31 cms), so I don't think there are twins! At my last visit, my midwife a few large pockets of fluid. The baby was also floating way, way above the pelvis. We'll see how things look at the next visit and decide if I want to pursue an ultrasound or just leave things be. 

Because I was measuring ahead, she suggested I make sure my blood sugars were normal via either a GTT or a few days of checking fasting and postprandial blood sugars. I opted for the latter. They're low (82 fasting, 110 an hour after dinner), so we can rule out GD as a possible culprit.

I've been able to stay pretty active lately, going on walks, repainting several rooms, and hanging new light fixtures. We're starting our kitchen renovations this week: take out the old backsplash and install new mosaic tiles, repaint trim & walls, replace light fixtures, and buy a new oven. This last item was unplanned; our double wall oven just broke, and the part we need is no longer available. So we have to shell out mega bucks to buy a new one. (Hint: Sears Outlet is a fantastic place to shop for scratch & dent, floor model, and new-in-box discounted appliances.)


  1. Super cure!

    Love the belly silhouettes!

  2. I love the belly silhouettes, too! Gorgeous!

  3. Love these silhouettes! Hope at the end you can post them all together - would be fun to see the growth :)

  4. As someone who wants to do some remodeling in an older home with a little person around, I am just wondering what types of supplies you use to make the environment around your kiddos safe - what paints do you use? How do you do any of the demolition with them in the house...any tips would be hugely appreciated.

  5. Mostly just take sensible precautions--keep doors closed if you're doing anything dusty or messy, clean up soon after you're done, ventilate well. I don't use any special kind of paint, since water-based paints are all pretty tame and have pretty low VOCs. I am extremely careful with anything involving lead paint. I keep kids away, wear a full respirator, vacuum immediately with a HEPA filter, then wipe down with a mop or damp rag. Then I'll change right away if it's been at all dusty or messy, wash my clothes, and shower if necessary. Fortunately we haven't had much lead paint removal going on inside the house, just outside, where I lay down plastic tarps to catch everything and then clean up myself and the area as best as I can. I also wear respirators when I'm using any nasty chemicals--pregnant or not--and do as much as I can outside. Honestly you can do tons of stuff with little kids in the house; just keep the area shut off and keep the kids out of the work area so they don't hurt themselves.

    1. Thanks Rixa - you make it sound so easy :) I think the ventilation is key - which can be tougher in the winter months.

  6. love this silhouette. it's darling. to be treasured for sure!

  7. These silhouettes are so cool - I love every time you post a new one. Might be my new favorite way to document bellies! :)


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