Saturday, January 26, 2013

32 weeks pregnant

Zari finally got her turn in a pregnancy silhouette! She's not quite this tall--she was standing on a small step stool. Don't you love her outie? It was even more pronounced when she was little.

Things have been going really well with my pregnancy. My sacrum/sciatica hasn't been bothering me  except for a few small twinges. I'm sleeping reasonably well.

I've started the Birth Relaxation Kit, a birth hypnosis program similar to Hypnobabies (only at 1/3 the cost). I'll be writing up a full review of it after this birth. I'm pleased with the product so far. It's created by a husband-wife hypnotherapist team. Dr. Mavi Gupta is also a family physician, and her husband Jeremy is a musician. You can read their birth story here.

My only complaint: I cannot stay awake during the hypnosis sessions! I had the same problem when I did Hypnobirthing and Hypnobabies. I usually can make it all the way through the first time, but after that...ZZZZZZZZ! However, I always wake up right at the end of the track, so I hope the hypnosis is doing its job. In theory it's supposed to work even if you fall asleep. Or maybe I am just really, really good at going deep into hypnosis :)

Eric has been in Calgary for an academic trip, leaving me on my own with the kids. Every time he leaves, I realize how much admiration I have for single parents. It's hard enough being on my own for a few days at a time. The worst is the late afternoon/early evening, when I just need a few minutes to myself but cannot get it, ever. Dio and Inga have been waking up multiple times most nights, which is unusual. On top of everything else, Inga has been really sick. When she woke up this morning, her whole crib was covered in vomit--sheets, blankets, herself, even some of the carpet. She's been puking and having diarrhea all day and developed a fever this evening. Poor girl. Despite it all, she's been acting really happy and calm. We caught her last puke in a bowl, once I learned how to read her signs (if she whines and cries out of the blue, I have 5 seconds to grab a bowl).

I started removing the kitchen backsplash. I'll be posting a how-to DIY about removing old tile and re-tiling. I'm going back and forth between a modern mosaic and a more classic white marble subway tile. I'm leaning towards the marble tile. If I get ambitious, maybe I'll do a herringbone pattern.

Inga likes to measure her belly and listen to herself with my fetoscope. (Here's Zari listening to Dio back in 2011.) I measured 34 cms today, so only 2 cms ahead, rather than 5-6 cms ahead like I was measuring earlier.


  1. I never stay awake during hypnosis scripts either, yet always wake up at the end. That's proof for me that it works.

  2. I had the same problem! Fell asleep during every one. I was hopeful that it was working while I slept. Perfect multitasking for the preg mama!

  3. I don't think I stayed awake for any of the tracks when I did Hypnobabies but it worked for me when I used it for labor and delivery of my third (induction and everything). There were some that I never even listened to full out the first time. So something in my subconscious must have been paying attention :)

  4. Hi Rixa: I am contemplating buying the birth relaxation kit, and wondered if you had a minute to give a thumbs-up or down now you're through your labour?

    1. I'm going to write up a review of the BRK in the near-ish future. But short version: yes, I quite liked it.


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