Thursday, June 13, 2013

If I were to have another baby...

...I'd have someone make a professional birth video. Like this one by Ceci Jane:

It makes me want to do it all over again. Except, as Eric reminds me, "babies grow up and you have to take care of them." Oh yeah.

What are some of your favorite birth videos? Please share!


  1. That is precious! LOVE It. I agree. If I were to have another {Good lord that would be #8} I would love to have a home birth and have it captured like that. God bless them and such a precious baby. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Gosh, I love, love experiencing birth too. I cannot wait for my next one and I still have a 5 month old. :-)

  3. Makes me wish I had one lined up for our home birth (next week or two)! But we live in a very small town, so it would probably be tough to find someone for a reasonable price to come to us. I loved the video though - made me cry!!

  4. Amazing! Inspiring! And a whole wonderful cocktail of emotions!
    My husband so obtuse and is resistant to learning about natural childbirth...and his patience and attention span are next to nil....

    I Love dreaming about birthing....

    I am teaching my/our 16mon old son all about birth....and I hope to instill amazing positive energy so he may be an amazing husband, friend of women and all around advocate as he grows. (It is me, his strong awesome momma who I will involve him thru the dance of birth...and it is me .. who will invest my energy wisely....and it isnt with my husband!)

  5. OH my goodness this made me cry! I've never wanted to have a birth video, but this makes me want one! LOL - Eric sounds like my husband.

  6. So glad I had a photographer for my last... :)


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