Sunday, June 09, 2013

Upcoming reviews

I've been testing out all sorts of items with this last pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period since it probably is the last time . . . sniffle . . . Some I bought, some were passed down to me, and others were given to me to review.

Here's a peek at the things I'll be reviewing over the next several weeks:

Nursing pajamas and nightgowns
Leading Lady nursing chemise in Azalea Pink
Breast is Best Gray Angel Maternity & Nursing Nightgown
Eliseo Satin Rosabella Nightgown
Majamas Blossom Nursing Pajama Set

Leading Lady nursing bras

Books & DVDs
Memoirs of a Singing Birth (ebook)
Bumptabulous: 20 Moms Expose Pregnancy (book)
The Face of Birth (DVD)
Dance of the Womb (DVD)
Birth Story; Ina May Gaskin & The Farm (DVD)

Breast Pumps
Medela double electric breast pump
Ameda Purely Yours breast pump

Postpartum belly wraps and hip stabilizers
Shrinkx Hips Post Pregnancy Belt
Vespa & the Ladybird Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap

NuRoo Pocket babywearing shirt

The Birth Relaxation Kit


  1. I can't wait to hear your comparison of Medela and Ameda. I'm staunchly anti Medela but I would be very interested to hear a review from someone who has used both.

  2. Curious about the anti-Medela, Amber? I'm likely done as well but I used the pump-in-style advanced (metro bag) for a total of 24+ months over the past six years (one year w/ each kid), some days pumping upwards of 6-7 times. Worked like a charm. I don't think the freestyle is as good but I like the idea (I got almost the same benefit by the Mother's Ease hands-free pumping band which was invaluable)

    1. I dislike Medela pumps because unlike the Ameda and Hygeia pumps, they are all open system pumps, meaning there is nothing separating the tubing and motors from the milk, which can cause sanitary issues. Medela pumps are known to have mold issues with their tubing and usually if there is mold in the tubing it is also in the motor, which means that even if the tubing is replaced the motor can still send bacteria and mold spores into your milk as it is being expressed. I have seen first hand the inside of a Medela pump that was caked with mold. Yuck. Besides being what I consider second rate pumps, I'm also not a fan of them because the continually violate the WHO code against marketing breastfeeding substitutes.

    2. Amber, I agree with you on both counts. I do with the Medela had a sealed system.

  3. I actually have both pumps! My Medela was handed down.. and I've been using it for 7 weeks. My insurance sent me the ameda but have not yet used it! Anxious to hear ur review... Also can't wait to hear what U think about the nuroo... I've hesitated spending $50!

  4. Very curious about the NuRoo too - not sure if it's worth the money. Also curious about Leading Lady - I'm a Bravado fan, but the LL bras look promising too.


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