Monday, March 09, 2015

Chicken pox?

I need your help, o anonymous internet armchair doctors. Is this chicken pox?

Yesterday morning Ivy woke up covered with these red bumps, plus a mild fever. They go from head to toe, front to back. Some are larger and look a bit scabby. She still has a fever today, but neither the fever nor the spots seem to bother her too much.

If it isn't chicken pox, what else might it be?


  1. Impetigo or chicken pox. Roseola usually is accompanied by a high fever. Are they turning into blisters? Impetigo might be itchy, chicken pox is super itchy.

  2. Looks like chicken pox to me. Chicken pox tend to cluster in warmer areas - arm pits, bum, etc. Impetigo will form yellow scabs.

  3. Another vote for chicken pox. Are there clear. fluid-filled blisters on top of any of them?

    FWIW, both my kids were breastfeeding when they had chicken pox, and it didn't bother them and was over fairly quickly. I'd bought all this anti-itch stuff and didn't need it at all.

  4. How's Ivy today? Any chance those are bug bites? Seems unlikely because of the fever...


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