Friday, March 06, 2015

Happy 4th birthday Inga!

Inga turned 4 on Monday. Wow.

Remember her birth story--how the midwife didn't get there on time and I had to resuscitate her? Remember the ensuing drama about her resuscitation? (in 3 parts...reflections, resuscitation, and final reflections)

How did she go from a tiny newborn...

to a monstrously chubby baby...

to the world's most chill toddler...

Inga and Dio tandem nursing

to a strong-bodied, strong-willed girl who loves jumping off furniture and singing French songs from school and talking about cats & fairies & puppy dogs?

She and I ate lunch at our neighbor's restaurant, Chez Palmyre. Always a treat to eat there...if you're ever in Nice, be sure to make a reservation (4-6 weeks in advance for dinner, 2-4 weeks for lunch). The photo makes her seem very serious, but she was giggling and being her usual silly self the whole time.

Entrée: Paté en croute
Plat principal: croustillant de saumon avec sauce pistou
Dessert: panna cotta avec crémeux au caramel et morceaux de spéculose

The weather has been amazing this week. Monday was a high of 22C, warmer than normal for early March but I am not complaining. We've enjoyed several afternoons at the beach, at the park, and at the chateau.

Ignore the women in the bikinis...notice Eric heading out to go spearfishing

My "new" shoes via Leboncoin.

For Inga's birthday, we all went on the Ferris Wheel on the Place Masséna, thanks to my mom. She got a set of rubber stamps and crayons from Eric's parents. I usually make birthday cakes, but Inga chose a raspberry tart from a bakery. It was delicious!

Other news this week:

Ivy learned how to say Inga the right way, instead of "gaga."

Ivy fell down the attic stairs. I didn't see it happen, just heard a sickening crack-thump and then her frantic cries. She came out of it with a bump on her forehead and some blood where she bit her lip. I'm determined to build a hatch over the opening to prevent this from happening again.

Inga & Ivy going down the slide together at the chateau

Why, doesn't everyone wear 4 hats at a time?

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  1. Thank-you for sharing all this. The time certainly does go by--it's scary sometimes to think back to how things used to be.


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