Saturday, April 29, 2017

Cinque Terre day 2: Vernazza to Corniglia

We drove from our house in Puin down to the outskirts of Vernazza. Not for the faint of heart--the last 6 km were steep, winding roads on the side of a mountain. The road was only wide enough for a single car and several parts were washed out (at least those parts had cement barriers around them). And no guardrails. We had to honk every time we went around a curve in case someone else was coming the other direction.

We parked about a mile outside of Vernazza, which was as far as you can go unless you're a resident.

The hike was gorgeous. We took Sentiero #2, the seaside trail that connects all 5 villages. There was enough elevation gain to make it feel like a proper hike. Coming into Corniglia was magnificent--you see the colorful city on the top of a peninsula jutting into the sea, the houses built right to the edges of the steep cliffs.

We spent a long time at the ocean, so we decided to take the train back to Vernazza. I was also feeling feverish so I didn't mind skipping the return hike.

Dio managed to lose his shirt while we were down at the water. We looked everywhere but no luck....Zari lent him her shirt and wore her swimsuit + shorts on the way home. Someone in Cinque Terre now has a light blue shirt that says "Freeze" on it.


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