Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Ski week at Vialattea

We got back from a week skiing in Vialattea, an inter-connected group of ski resorts in Italy & France (Sestriere, Sauze d'Oulx, Pragelato, Claviere, Cesana, Sansicario, and Montgenèvre).

We had lots of misadventures:

1) Our 2004 Opel Zafira broke down just as we got onto the freeway. The clutch was toast. We had to hobble back to Nice in 1st gear with the engine smoking. The repair would have cost far more than the car was worth, so we ended up buying a new (to us) car.

2) As Eric was packing the skis into the back of the (new) car, someone opened up the front door and stole his purse: wallet, phones, French visa, driver's license, credit cards, everything. What audacity. The thieves got away with a grand total of $30 USD, a book by Dan Chaon, and a nice leather purse that I made Eric several years ago. I'd rather pay people money NOT to steal his wallet as it's a pain to replace everything.

3) We got stuck in an icy parking lot and had to use our chains to get out. It was the only time we needed the chains, though, despite huge snowfalls right before we arrived.

4) The back of Zari's ski boot broke off while she was skiing in powder. I've never seen this happen before! She had to go down the mountain on one ski and buy new (used) boots.

Even when we weren't on the slopes, we had fun during our ski week.

Ski bloopers


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