Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Need help starting a breech-related nonprofit

I have an idea for a breech-related nonprofit organization. I think it's an amazing idea, and it dovetails nicely into the work I've already been doing with breech.

Illustration by Eloïse R. and used with permission

Here's a brief vision of what this nonprofit would do:

1) Translate breech knowledge across languages & geographic borders. This could involve translating research articles, presentations, lectures, blog posts, birth stories, guidelines, etc. I want to do English to multiple languages and vice-versa.

2) Translate medical knowledge and research about breech into information that regular people can understand.

3) Make research and information about breech more accessible to doctors and midwives--most of whom don't have the time or interest to do all the heavy research and analysis.

I have an amazing name already picked out, but it's SUPER SECRET for the moment.

If I were to get this going, I'd need help with the following:
  • setting up the 501(c)3 nonprofit
  • website creation & hosting
  • graphic design (because looks are important!)
  • managing finances/accounting
  • people willing to serve on the board of directors
  • grant writers
  • $$$ to help fund all of the above
And most importantly...translators!!!

I want to start with French, Spanish, German, and Russian and then add as many other languages as I can find translators for.

If you're interested and/or can contribute in some way, please PM me on Facebook (preferred) or send an email. I'll add you to a Messenger conversation and we'll go from there


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