Monday, July 13, 2020

French déconfinement day 64

11,869 steps

Zari and Inga came running with me this morning on their scooters. I had so much fun--we talked the whole time and the run seemed easier than usual. I should do this more often!

We had some intermittent thunderstorms roll through Nice this afternoon and evening. Very welcome after yesterday's heat. Eric went spearfishing for 3 hours and came home with 2 rougets and a sar.

We went on a walk to the library while he was out, only to find out it was closed. Tomorrow is Bastille Day, so naturally everyone needs to "faire le pont" (make the bridge) and turn the day before into a holiday, too, thus connecting to the weekend. This happens with nearly every Tuesday or Thursday holiday. 4-day weekends whenever possible! Vive la France!

I need to pack up the kids' winter clothes and put them away in the attic. And pretty soon we'll start deep-cleaning the apartment. I suppose it's one up-side of going back and forth twice a year. Our apartment gets really REALLY clean.


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