Friday, October 01, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 284: Time for lime!

10,239 steps

Well, we did it. We figured out how to repoint an exposed stone wall with traditional lime mortar: 3 parts fine sand, 1 part hydraulic lime. I have watched lots of YouTube tutorials.

I am so glad I bought a cement mixer. You're supposed to mix lime mortar for 30 minutes, and I would not like to do that by hand.

It looks really messy when it goes on. But it cleans up beautifully with a stiff bristle brush (chiendent). Some people clean the joints with a wire brush, but you have to wait until the lime is much harder and thus it's a lot more work to clean. With a bristle brush, you can clean the joints as soon as the surface has firmed up, about 3-4 hours after application.

Right before bedtime, Inga and I smoothed over the joints with a wet brush. I'm not sure if that was necessary but it seemed like a good idea (and I've seen some people do it).

Between the two of us, we got half the wall done today. Eric also spent a while cutting, planing, and sanding the remnant of the wood beam that we cut down waaaaaay back in the winter.

I feel like I hardly saw the kids today! We sent Dio to pick them up for lunch and they mostly fended for themselves.

After school Eric took Ivy to the beach, and they met up with several friends from school. 

Inga went to a friend's house.

I joined Eric and Ivy at the beach and enjoyed a brief swim. The water is a bit cool but still very doable. As usual Eric came back with treasures: a dive mask, sunglasses, and a single shoe.

Zari and Dio had soccer practice in the evening. Then Dio went right to a movie night with a youth group and won't be back until around midnight.


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