Thursday, September 30, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 283: Let there be light! And oil!

4,760 steps

You guys--we tested our electricity for the first time (besides the two outlets on the circuit breaker, which we've been using for the past few months). IT WORKS! So far we've just tested a few light switches but it is so exciting to see things turning on just like they are supposed to.

Eric finished machine sanding the beams, and then I took over applying the Osmo Oil. It will dry to a clear matte finish. I wish the beams could stay lighter, but there's really no helping that once you apply a finish! Lots of character embedded in these 500-year-old beams (give or take a century). Axe marks, woodworm holes, old square iron nails...

The AC guy still haven't returned my texts or phone messages about the huge leak in the hallway plumbing (due to a faulty connection that they installed). I am frustrated because we've had to disconnect the washing machine and empty it by hand. This meaks 5 trips with a big bucket back and forth to the toilet every time I run the machine. And I have to stay right next to it the whole time to avoid flooding the apartment.

I finished around 6 pm and then I had to rush make dinner (veggie-packed bobotie). I ran out of oil before I finished the first coat. Grrr...I have ordered more but it will be several days. So I guess we'll start doing the lime mortar next and get back to the beams later.

Ivy and Zari both got new braids today: 4-strand braids. Next I'm going to try a 5-strand braid. I think it will look especially nice in Zari's thick, long hair.

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