Wednesday, June 07, 2023

French apartment renovations, Day 671: Couches and bats and Stranger Things

I ran errands to the fabric store and found some little beads that were perfect for the bat eyes. Inga is very pleased that her bat is finished!

I found a microwave at Darty for Le Chateau--one of only two in the whole store that was shallow enough to fit inside the cupboard.

I got the first couch totally upholstered! Pictures tomorrow, I hope. Now for the second couch...

Our brakes are making horrible groaning, grinding, and squealing noises. We have an appointment tomorrow to get them fixed.

What else? Eric's mom made dinner for us, which was much appreciated after a busy soccer day. The kids got introduced to Stranger Things and watched two episodes tonight. I am a bit worried that it will creep them out as they continue watching. It certainly did for me!


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