Saturday, February 17, 2007

Interesting film

There's a documentary coming out this year called Pregnant in America. I just watched the trailer and am intrigued.


  1. Wow! it looks really interesting. Thanks!

  2. I just saw the trailer too - it got sent around a local yahoo group...hope it says as much as is needed...

  3. So we were supposed to have a screening of this movie tonight - but it didn't get here in time :( It'll be Jan 5 instead...but I just went to the website and in the "buy it" section, found this quote about the movie:

    "What kind of information could convince two educated American parents to not participate in the American Childbirth System? What kind of information made them decide upon no tests, no check-ups, and a home birth alone?"

    It sounds like the producer and his wife did a UP/UC??!! Do you know any more?

    Here's the link where I found that:


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