Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I caught a laugh on camera! I actually took a better video of her cracking up yesterday but I accidentally erased it.

Zari got sick again last night--what gives? It's a bit of a fever and congestion. I am wiped out. The only way she would sleep was with me holding her hands, and with one of my knuckles touching her lips. She didn't want to suck on my finger, just have it touching her lip. Weird. So I was pretty stiff by morning. I think I'm getting what she has, but it could just be from not getting enough sleep.


  1. aaah, so cute it makes me laugh!!! i just adore how babies, once they get the hang of laughing, have the BEST belly laughs, far surpassing us tired grownups with their cheer!!!
    hope that sweetie gets better and you stay healthy!

  2. Oh Rixa, I am so sorry to hear that you two are not feeling your perkiest. I sincerely hope that you begin feeling better soon. Hopefully it's just a little something, and not the nasty yuck that seems to be everywhere these days. Your daughter is adorable, and delightful, too. I'm sure you are enjoying every minute of it. :) Well, almost.

  3. HAHAHA, that was the cutest thing ever! "You just peed and pooped in your diaper!" Even babies can appreciate potty humor!



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