Saturday, February 17, 2007

Recycling and swimming

I met with a group of moms this Friday for a playgroup at a big indoor water playground. Zari was probably a bit too young to appreciate it, but it was nice to get out of the house. We've had sub-zero temperatures at night and barely above zero during the day.

It's interesting how gendered these things are. I saw one father in the entire pool area; the other 20 or so parents were all moms. Eric said he might come next time and shake things up a bit, since he only teaches on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The night before, I made Zari two swimming outfits, one recycled and one new. First, I took a pair of Eric's old swim trunks, cut them apart, and made a new pair for Zari. They are super cute, but of course everyone thinks she is a boy when she wears them. It's not like Eric has hot pink swim trunks lying around!

I also made her a swim diaper out of some leftover materials:

Since we are doing EC, I peed her before she went in the pool and didn't bother with the swim diaper.


  1. I love the trunks :)

  2. She is just too cute!!

  3. OMG, how cute are those trunks?? I can see why people think she's a boy in them though...maybe whip up a little bikini top to go with em to stop the confusion? :P


  4. How is the ECing coming btw? My husband and I are researching ECing our little one (when we get pregnant eventually) and I was wondering what your experiences have been like. Would you mind sharing in a post perhaps?


  5. If you read through the archives, I do have a few posts about it. So start there. I've really been enjoying it. I started around day 5. I cloth diaper as backup. As long as I'm paying attention, I have very few misses now. To me, it's so easy and natural that it seems weird to purposely let her pee and poop in her diaper, when I could just hold her over the toilet or sink. Well, read through my earlier posts on EC and then feel free to ask more questions after that!

  6. Good idea about the bikini top, Jill. I'll see if I have enough fabric left over!


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