Saturday, November 15, 2008

Handmade craft fair

I spent yesterday evening and all day today selling my sling rings at a handmade craft fair. I shared a booth with two other women from church. One is a weaver, handspinner, and dyer. She sold handwoven towels and brought her spinning wheel to pass the time and strike up conversations. The other woman and her daughter made chicken pincushions that sat in a sewing kit nest, complete with eggs (buttons), thread, needles, scissors, and a measuring tape.

Although most of the shoppers were definitely above childbearing age, I still sold four slings. Not bad for our little town! I have posted pictures the remaining styles on my website, Second Womb Slings.

I wore a newborn-size cabbage patch doll in one of my slings while I was at the booth. I can't even count the number of people who thought I was a high school student assigned to care for one of those electronic babies that needs feeding, changing, and soothing at regular intervals! I guess the local high school system is doing that right now. So yeah, I got a lot of funny looks until I explained why I was wearing a fake baby.


  1. Hey, does this mean they thought you were in high school? High compliments indeed! :) I'm glad you sold some. They're so fabulous--now to just get a baby to put in one!

  2. Yeah, I guess they thought I was in high school...but honestly, how can you mistake a 30-year-old for a high schooler? Anyway I guess the moral of the story is: wear a cute sling and either a real or fake baby, and people will think you're much younger than you really are!

  3. I got that a lot too with my REAL BABY when Jameson was littler. I look really, REALLY young, and apparently, my son looks like an electronic doll.

    I missed the boat with the robot baby class in high school since they didn't introduce it until after I'd graduated, but my younger siblings had to do it. My mom actually really enjoyed helping them take care of their "babies."

  4. I would love to find a fair like this to join here in KC. I'm trying to get my hairbows sold, though I did get an order from my Etsy site today. Yay!

    By the way, Matt really likes the sling you made that I got from you last year. It's darling.

  5. she's spinning!

    how awesome is that. my mom owns a spindle and a spinning wheel. and *when she finds the times* does various projects on her loom.

    one of the many things she's taken up doing in preparation for retirement.


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