Thursday, November 20, 2008

Update on "Birth options in Serbia"

Remember a few months back, when I posted a request for help for a woman in Serbia looking into her birth options? I heard back from her friend, and everything turned out well for her. Here's the update and a link to the dad's blog post.
I was the one who wrote you a few months ago looking for a Serbian midwife for her. She found one...but then...

1. The midwife wasn't so great
2. She had a strong night of pre-labor that spooked her doctor, who...
3. Started talking about inductions, which raised her c/sec chances, esp. since she had fibroids.

So we were all braced for the "inevitable" and she was scheduled to be induced on Tuesday morning (Serbian time), which was as much time as she could bargain from her doctor. But then, labor started Monday night! She went to the hospital, and little Adam Noah was born, all on his own. No complications, and he's beautiful, and she's fine.

I hate to leave a story hanging, so pass along to your readers if you like. I sure hope her next birth is somewhere where she can have more options, though!

Thanks again

Oh; Dad's blog entry about the baby, with pics:


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