Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted

Did you?

My brother-in-law, who's doing a PhD in political science at Duke, created his prediction of electoral college votes. We'll know by tomorrow which of his predictions are correct.

I'm feeling on the mend, thankfully. I think I'll be back to normal by tomorrow. I'm off to buy another ream of paper to print out another dissertation copy for one of the readers.


  1. Gracious! How many pages IS your dissertation?

    I'm glad you're feeling better. Did Zari get sick, too?

  2. 357 pages (12 point Garamond font, double spaced except for block quotes, 1 1/4" side margins, 1" top and bottom margins).

  3. omg rixa, i've been following the election from over here using the net and so far that prediction map is 100%!!! (three states yet to show results on the map i'm looking at, but i already know the democrats rule the free world again *sigh of releif* and now to get the democrats to care about birth....)

  4. Hi Rixa! just came back to tell you to give my kudos to your brother-in-law!! Exactly as he predicted, plus Indiana (though just barely). I wonder if was reading the same poll sampling I was?

    You've written roughly one page of dissertation for every electoral vote Obama received. Very good omen.


  5. oops it's even closer. he really just switched IN and MO on the map. same number of EVs. sorry. I'm way too into this thing.

  6. All in all, he was pretty close!


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