Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bumbleride stroller giveaway

If anyone is in the market for a stroller, there's a giveaway at Supermom Central!


  1. I really missed this giveaway .I saw Blumbleride stroller it is very nice .Recently I was in the market to buy stroller, I bought Mickey sport buggy which has really good features and comfortable to use.

  2. Rixa,
    Thank you for blogging about birth. I've been reading for only a short time, but I really love what you have to say about many of the socio-political aspects of birth in our country.

    About that giveaway--

    I entered to win, but my comment was removed. I don't think the author liked my blog post which linked the contest . . .


    I wonder if that means I'm not in the running to win? And is that fair?

    Anyways, it's not your problem.
    I'm sending you baby flipping vibes, and I hope you're doing well today.

    Keep blogging, and I'll keep reading!


  3. Hm, that's a bit odd that your comment was removed. Fair? Well it's their blog so I suppose they can do what they want!


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