Friday, February 06, 2009

Dr. Wonderful is "out" and needs your help!

Remember Dr. Wonderful that Navelgazing Midwife has written about? If you don't, visit these posts:
Well, his "secret identity" is now made public! So who is this mystery man, this fabulous OB that we all wish we had in our community? He is Dr. Robert M. Biter of San Diego! Read NGM's post about how he's out of the closet and see some lovely photos taken of him and babies he's caught recently.

And Dr. Wonderful needs your help! NGM wrote:
For reasons I cannot disclose at the moment, I am looking for other Dr. Wonderfuls around the United States....If you know of progressive OBs (they have to be obstetricians or family practice docs, the higher on the rung the better), please email me asap.
If you know, have worked with, or are another "Dr. Wonderful" please get in touch with her ASAP.


  1. ohhh crikey! this sounds thrilling.
    word veri is 'tense' *LOL*

  2. He seems like a gem. Wish there were more like him!


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