Friday, February 13, 2009

Heads or tails?

Still trying to figure out how/where this baby is lying. For the past month or two I've been feeling intense activity around and sometimes right on my cervix, which can be REALLY annoying after a while. I suspect the baby was heads up and tails down, based on how strong the movements were down there compared to the gentle flutters and swishes near the top of my fundus. So last week I decided to encourage this little one to move. I gently lifted the baby up away from my cervix with one hand and kind of nudged whatever was on top off to the side with the other. I've been having a hard time making heads or tails (ha!) when I am palpating since the baby is small enough that the landmarks aren't familiar to me yet. But I think it did the trick. I've been feeling lots of big kicks and stretches in my upper fundus, nice polite little punches and waves around my lower abdomen right above the pubic bone, and really nothing at all right on my cervix. Ahhhhh, much nicer. Thanks baby!


  1. I know what you mean about movement on the opposite side of the uterus from what you expect. I'm glad you were able to turn him/her so easily. It took much more effort on our part to get Rachel turned, and I'm really glad it happened.

  2. With my second child, I had some quite intense movement seemingly over the cervix that was very annoying. However, I didn't think too much about the position because I knew she was vertex. But we later came to find that she had her hand up alongside her head, which is how she came out. She also appeared in multiple ultrasounds with hand along head. So I'm convinced that the cervical movement I was feeling all along, which was quite intense at time, was actually her hand/fingers.

  3. Neither of my sitting babies ever turned. That's how I make 'em. :)
    And birth 'em (the second, at least)!
    Good turning, lil' baby and intuitive mama!


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