Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Four months old!

Pictures coming tomorrow, since I've been sick the past two days and need to get to bed soon. I was thinking this afternoon how deeply and intensely I love my children. I probably said something to the same effect when Zari was younger, so forgive me for repeating myself. But it's really crazy-intense. I wonder why romantic love is always portrayed as the pinnacle of human emotion in film, when in reality it pales in comparison to how parents feel for their children. But I guess sex sells better than, say, changing diapers or wiping curdled breastmilk off your shirt.

Dio's had a few scattered episodes of long sleeps at night (7 hours), but usually he's out for about 5 hours at first, then every 2-3 the rest of the night. But since I don't go to bed right when he does, I miss out on that nice long stretch! That's okay, though; I feel rested enough most days. He always nurses back to sleep at night, but during the day he often will just fall asleep on his own, or with just a little shushing and swaddling. It's nice because Eric can put him down for naps, rather than me having to always be the one doing it. Very different from Zari, who I always nursed to sleep for both naps and nighttime.

Zari is learning how to be a big sister. She's kicking and hitting Dio less often. Whenever he cries, she tells me earnestly, "Dio is crying. You need to go get Dio." She loves to play with him and blow on his belly and thinks it's hilarious when he grabs her hair. Last week when I was gone exercising, Eric was showering and Dio was on the bed, starting to fuss. Zari climbed up and played with him until Eric got out of the shower.

I've been super busy with sling orders (7 or 8 recently finished, 11 more in the works!). I'll soon be offering a huge selection of 30-40 batik fabrics, thanks to a partnership with my local fabric store. I've also been working on my fabulous new website, with help from my cousin who is a graphic designer. So, anyone want a sneak preview? I'm trying to decide if I should share a screen shot now, or wait until it's up and ready to go...


  1. Heck yeah, I'd like a sneak peek! It sounds like this is going to be awesome for you.

    I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. That is never fun.

  2. sneak peek would be mighty fine. Im busting to get mine up and running- its waay to exciting for words. I remember a colleague years ago who was in a long term relationship asking me who i would choose to save, my kids or my husband... no brainer for me but she was shocked. She just couldnt imagine loving differently and lover her partner was like the foundation love for her. She has had kids since and we have laughed about it! get better soon. Its no fun being sick with little kids.

  3. You make me think of the Ayelet Waldman brouhaha when she said she loved her husband more than her kids.

    I think you work on the love you have for your spouse and the love for your kids is unavoidable. But if you're talking "pinnacle of human emotion" -- it almost seems a greater achievement to build an enduring love with another person to whom you're not biologically related, whereas the bond with children is almost just a gift from our hormones, biology (and God, of course).

  4. I usually just lurk here, but I really like reading your blog. I was just wondering how you respond to Zari when she hits/kicks Dio. I love that you write about that, because I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 7 month old and my toddler has hit my baby more than once. It's not that often, but it does happen. And it seems that all of my friends will talk about the older sibling as "Oh,they just love the baby" "Big brother always helps" etc etc. And then I feel like there is something wrong with me that my toddler occasionally hits the baby - though I do know it's normal. Anyway, just wondering how you've reacted to Zari or what kind of discipline you've used.

  5. I love that first paragraph and totally agree!

  6. screen shot please... i'd like to peek!


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