Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Russia supports breastfeeding

My brother, who's living in Vladivostok, Russia, just sent me this picture. It says "Russia supports breastfeeding." His email said:

so this is just saying how good breast feeding is. This is on a main road that is in the richest part of town, where lots of the really rich people live, and where the mafia lives. i thought of you when i saw this. sorry it's not the best quality, it was taken at night.

love, your brother


  1. LOL "and where the mafia lives". I don't know why, but I found that hilarious! That is wonderful that they all support breastfeeding so much, though!

  2. Go Russia! I can't imagine this billboard in a wealthy area (or any area for that matter) in th US - there would be calls to take it down because it is obscene. Sigh, at least there is progress somewhere.

  3. Hello, my name is Daria. I am your new reader, and I am from Russia.

    Well, breafeeding is ,indeed, promoted here. But the thing is that in the maternity hospitals (around 98% of women give birth there) they hardly provide any support for those who wish to breasfeed. And, as a result, lots of women (I just finished my MA research on a relaed topic) have mastitis, etc.

  4. Dasha, having lived in russia for two years, i'm almost one hundered percent positive that there are probably zero home births, like you said. just from what i have picked up on of the culture, medical care, etc. i can say that accurately. but it is cool that there is more awareness about brestfeeding than in america. i took that picture in Vladivostok, and lots of the americans i was with thoguht that it was a horrible advertisement, and indecent / pornography. They were not comfortable with the thought of that sign in america, and so i can just see that there is a lot more acceptance in russia.

  5. Ugh, Americans (well, not all of them!) are so backwards! I hope you gave them a talking-to about how breastfeeding does not equal pornography.


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