Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ERGO Review Part 2: Heart2Heart Infant Insert

ERGO has just unveiled their newest baby carrying product: the Heart2Heart infant insert.

The Heart2Heart infant insert holds your newborn securely in an ERGO carrier. The old infant insert was simply a padded square-shaped piece of fabric. The new Heart2Heart holds your newborn snug. It keeps the baby's legs and hips in the proper flexed position. The Heart2Heart's padded base and sides hold your baby higher up in the ERGO so its tiny body doesn't get lost in the carrier. The sides wrap around and fasten in the front with an adjustable snap closure.

To use, you place your baby in the Heart2Heart, snap it closed, and place your "package" into the Ergo (front carry).

I was hoping to do a trial run of the Heart2Heart with Dio, since the literature said it was for babies up to 4-5 months. I laughed when I first put him in it. He was way too big!

Our baby doll was willing to model. She is quite the premature baby, though...

Baby doll is secured and ready to ride in the ERGO. Dio is ready to take off.

Without a live newborn to model the Heart2Heart, I borrowed a picture from ERGO's website illustrating how the Heart2Heart looks when used with the ERGObaby carrier. Notice how the Heart2Heart elevates the baby so it isn't lost inside the carrier. The padded sides keep the baby from slipping to the side.

The Heart2Heart infant insert is washable and made of 100% natural materials.

Stay tuned for a giveaway!


  1. look at those chubby little legs! so cute.

  2. Ok, the new insert makes a lot more sense than the old one. I may get one when we have number two (hopefully in about 2.5 years).

  3. After reading your review I got inspired and got an Ergo carrier. Our daughter just turned two and weighs 25.5 pounds, but my husband loves to carry her on his shoulders. I can't carry her for too long these days. So I am hoping that this will work well for walks or for those times when we must go shopping and she gets tired of walking. Thanks for the detailed review.

  4. Oooooooh giveaway - I'm on my toes :)

  5. Those legs--SOOOOOO chunky! My goodness! It cracks me up because my 1-year-old probably weighs less than he does!

  6. Your blog reads like an infomercial. Are you getting paid for this?

  7. Nope, don't get paid a cent to do it--my only compensation is that they send me their product to review. All of the text is my own, not something they told me to write.

    You'll notice that Part 2 of the ERGO reviews was more descriptive of what the product is, and less thumbs up/thumbs down, because I wasn't able to test it out on my own baby like I could for part 1.


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