Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Think outside the bolt

This summer I bought a beautiful vintage linen tablecloth, thinking "I'll find a use for it someday." It was the wrong shape for my table, but I just had to buy it. The crisp, heavyweight linen was in pristine condition. I loved the embroidered details and the scalloped edges.
A few weeks ago, I realized what I was going to do with the tablecloth: make a sling! I cut the fabric to feature the embroidery and detailing. I had enough to make two mother-child sling sets. Here is the end result (I am wearing a medium length sling):
On the adult sling, the decorative edge goes along the top rail, then curves gently along the tail. On the child's sling, the decorative edge is at the bottom of the tail.
 Sold as a set for $60. Only 2 available.

If you've been wanting a ring sling, why not think outside the bolt? Use fabric from your wedding or bridesmaid's dresses. Give a beautiful curtain or wallhanging a second life. Scour thrift stores, garage sales, or consignment stores for table linens or vintage fabrics.


  1., 7:25 PM

    This is beautiful, Rixa! Love the matchy set...have you made any more SSCs since the one Judit bought??

  2. awesome...I love reclaimed/repurposed fabric... i once made an old table cloth into a corset... it had such great texture!!

  3. IS there anything she can't do? Truly lovely.

  4. So beautiful!!! (The slings, too!)

  5. Wonderful! And I passed up a table cloth at SallyAnn's just last week--silly me. Where do you get your lovely rings?

    It's where I buy all my sling rings.


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