Friday, September 11, 2009

Tired, feeling a bit overwhelmed

Most nights I wake up feeling pretty good. So maybe it wasn't 8 or 9 hour of uninterrupted sleep, but it was okay. Last night, though, I was up about every 45 minutes the WHOLE night (except for a "long" stretch of 2 hours right when I went to bed). There was the normal nursing every 2-3 hours, plus about 5-6 wet diapers to change at other times. Whenever he pees, it wakes him up and he's quite restless until I change him. I need to bit the bullet and just potty him once or twice at night. That will pretty much take care of the wet diapers and hence the constant waking. But it's so hard to get out of bed when it's 2 am...

I'm also feeling swamped with all of the things I need to, or want to, get done. Here's a list of all of my projects, starting with the most pressing ones first:
  • sew & ship current sling orders
  • write article about perceptions of home birth in the US for the Expert Review of Obstetrics & Gynecology (they want it done ASAP)
  • analyze data and prepare presentation for the International Breech Conference in October
  • practice my violin for a wedding I'm playing at in a few weeks
  • send book manuscript & query letter to publishers
  • work on my sling website, take better photos of all of my fabrics, etc
  • make Zari a really cool Halloween costume (she wants to be a dragon after looking at Jane Asher's Fancy Dress, a favorite from my childhood). I have a great idea but it involves painting several yards of silk with fabric dyes to look like iridescent scales, set off with gold-colored other words, a lot of work! 
  • move this blog away from Blogger and onto a proper website (for which I already have the domain name)
  • write more original essays for this blog
Okay, enough procrastinating! I better get back to working on one of those things on my list...


  1. I think there was something about last night that had a lot of moms up when they should have been asleep! I was up with my 16 month old every two hours, and then for good by 7am. Rough night!

  2. i use disposable diapers/pull ups for night time.
    my youngest is the same way. hated being in a wet diaper at night.
    he doesn't seem to feel the disposable ones, and sleeps all night.

  3. You are an inspiration, honestly, despite your current fatigue. If you lived nearby I would totally volunteer to help out in whatever way I could.

    Intrigued by the manuscript part . . .

  4. Shelf the ideas that can wait, give yourself more slack, and the rest, well, HUGS and Ive been there and every blog entry when my babies were a few months old consisted of "IM SO TIRED"

    : )
    I hope you get a better sleep tonight.

  5. What worked for me with EC at night was to keep the little potty under our bed. Baby would squirm and get restless, I would stick my arm out and pull the potty up onto the bed and nurse him while he sat on it. He would not wake up completely that way. I then would stick the un-emptied potty back under the bed until morning. I was able to go right back to sleep that way. He stopped wearing any kind of diaper at night by 6 months old and usually would only need to be taken pee once or twice (my boys have bladders of steel though).

    I don't know if the under-the-bed-plan would help you or not, but it made a big difference to us!


  6. Could you try some fleece liners at night, or a fleece-lined pocket? That will keep him from feeling wet and waking himself up.

  7. I didn't know you played the violin. I play the viola, and unless I'm asked to play it hardly ever leaves its case.

    I know what you mean about projects, no wonder you're overwhelmed. Love the blog though, especially the honesty.


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