Friday, February 26, 2010

Call the police!

I just received two comments on the video of Zari's first nursing. I moderate comments on several of my birth and breastfeeding videos, since you never know when some weirdo will write something totally ridiculous. Like this:

Hey......Who beat up your wife (or girlfriend?) I mean look under her chin and her chest and her arm.......Very suspicious if you ask me.

And this:

Hey.......What happened to this new mother?? Either she fell off a 2-story building, or wombody [sic, but a great unintentional pun if you ask me] beat her up. I mean look at her chin, and her chest and her arm. She's all beat up with scratches and abrasions. Somebody should call the police!!

Hmmm, this person has obviously not figured out that it's just blood from giving birth to a newborn baby. They don't come out pre-washed. Well, unless you have a waterbirth. Dio was squeaky clean except for a small spot of blood on his head.

What do you think--allow these comments for their comic relief, or delete them for their silliness?


  1. I'd delete. It's too easy for comments to spiral downward to complete immaturity and inaneness once one person writes something stupid.

  2. Another vote for deleting them. I have zero tolerance for stupidity; it breeds much too easily.

  3. i moderate ALL comments on our videos. lol so many people just leave the stupidest comments. for quite a while our boys had mohawks. i can't tell you how many comments people left saying that social services should be called on us.

    for a haircut. ::eyeroll::

  4. I delete. First people think its an open door for more ridiculous comments and second I don't want to give them any power. Thinking their comments are oh so smart and clever. I have to moderate as well. Spam of all things.

  5. I find it interesting (and funny?) that while those commenters somehow assume that you'd been thrown off a 2-story building, they simultaneously don't seem overly concerned about your blood-covered baby. Huh.

  6. I'd delete as well, these remind me of how insanely odd the yahoo message boards can be :)

  7. The tone seems crass, so I probably wouldn't put them on either. If they were seriously and thoughtfully wondering why you had blood on you, that would be fine, but this sounds like a teenager with too much time on a Friday night, y'know?

    However, you may want to edit the info of the clip, to note that, yes, the red stuff on you is blood, and that it's because that's what happens when the baby is born. It doesn't have to be said in a condescending way like I just typed it ;-) just in an informative way for those who really don't know.


  8. Definitely delete.

    And... wow... that video makes me baby hungry!

  9. delete. I have to moderate all my comments too..i get the idiots who seem to think that because I am a surrogate I am selling *my* babies...ugh! Ignorance.

  10. It might not be that they're stupid, it might just be that they're used to hospital births where the baby is not returned to the mother until he or she is washed, swaddled, and capped. You rarely see videos from hospital births where the mother is nursing a baby that hasn't been cleaned off.

    I say reply to the comments, and leave them posted. It gives people something to think about.

  11. Ha, funny! My baby came out pretty clean in my uc waterbirth.. but his head was pretty bloody b/c he was breech. Ya, you just can't get around stupid, ignorant comments on youtube!


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