Sunday, February 07, 2010

This week in pictures

It's been a slow, quiet week. Too slow. Zari was bored. It's been cold and wintry out and we didn't even have any snow on the ground until this weekend. We got out a few times this week (playgroup, library, bank, grocery store, indoor track) but the rest of the time we were indoors. Which means we sit in the living room and play with the same toys over and over again. I am very much looking forward to warm weather.

So what do you do when you are cooped up indoors?

You line up objects by color and size and shape
You take naps
You jump off couches in your post-church superhero outfit: tights, shirt, and supercape.
On a really, really boring afternoon your mother makes you a boa constrictor bag. It's fortunate that she sews slings because she always has fabric on hand. The boa constrictor bag is very useful for singing "I'm being eaten by a boa constrictor" by Shel Silverstein. 
Also useful for helping greedy sisters stop taking things away from their little brother. Your mother tells you "you're being a greedy python. Time to go in the python bag!" and you think it's so funny that you forget about bothering your brother.
After it snows, you make a big snowman and stomp around in the snow with your papa. Snowman accessories include: funnel, concrete anchor nails, carrot, string trimmer, sticks, and leather work gloves.


  1. Oh my word. Your husband's singing. That is awesome.

  2. The boa constrictor bag is marvelous. I want one.


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