Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DIY play kitchens

We're close to finishing the renovations on the apartment building we bought (pictures definitely will be coming!). I said to Eric the other week, "I feel like we're hemorrhaging money." He agreed. I finished painting and installing 2" wood blinds in the large upstairs apartment today. Now the whole place needs a good cleaning this week before the open house we're holding on Saturday. We keep finding more and more burst water pipes in the basement. The building was winterized last fall (water turned off, pipes blown out, water heater tank drained), so I suspect that the pipes burst the previous winter when it was in the middle of foreclosure proceedings. He's already repaired about 8 or 10 pipes, and just today we found two more! He's over there this evening repairing that area. Then--we keep saying this--we can FINALLY turn the water on and test all of the toilets and faucets.

I have lots of projects I'd like to work on next. One that has caught my fancy is making a play kitchen for the kids. Over at high-heels and a sippy-cup, you can see how to make a play kitchen from thrifted or free items such as a used nightstand. Or for the REALLY frugal people out there, you can make one out of cardboard!

And if I were ever building a house, I would definitely do this to my staircase! It sure beats mattress-surfing down the stairs. Or, if space and money are no object, about adding a huge tube slide inside your house?


  1. Do you have an ikea nearby? Here is a way to use ikea pieces to make your own play kitchen! Have fun!!!


  2. My husband made a toy kitchen for our kids from wood. Contact me if you'd like plans.


    Okay, all those things you linked to are too much fun. I totally want a slide in my house.

  3. Whoops, sorry. That link should have been:


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  6. Oh cool, thanks for posting the kitchen link - I'm definitely heading on over to check that out. Good luck with the apartment. That's exciting. Hopefully you can get it all figured out shortly, and for not too much money!

  7. Reading this post reminded me of a DIY project I found on ohdeedoh a few months ago. I love this woman's blog and all the inexpensive creative ideas for enriching children's lives. Here is the link to her cardboard kitchen tutorial: http://childhood101.blogspot.com/2009/08/diy-kids-kitchen-for-under-10-part-1.html


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